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Blake or Seth: Promises, Promises series by Victoria Klahr

Love triangles.  Love them or hate them, many of our favorite books revolve around them these days.  We probably have Stephanie Meyer and the Twilight series to thank/blame for that.  Because suddenly all the talk was about which "Team" you were on.  Personally, I hate the team concept when it comes to characters in my favorite books.  So you'll notice that I never say that I'm Team A or Team B.  Why do I have to pick a team?  That doesn't mean I don't have an opinion on who should "get the girl."  And why is it that these love triangles always involve two guys vying for the affections of one girl.  Why is it one guy battling his inner turmoil over which girl to choose?  I guess that's a question for another day. 

Recently, Victoria Klahr posed the question on her Facebook page about which team her readers are on...Seth or Blake. 

If you have not read That's a Promise by Victoria Klahr, I urge you to stop reading this post because there will be LOTS of spoilers.  And by lots, I mean, I'll be giving away everything that we learned in book #1 of the series as I debate this very important topic.

(btw, it's only 99 cents, so you could always go buy it, read it and then come back to read this post.)

So seriously, if you haven't read the book, STOP READING RIGHT NOW!!!  I mean NOW!! This very minute.  Don't go any further.

If you are still reading, I assume that means you have read That's a Promise.  Either that or you're a rebel and you don't care that I'm going to ruin nearly the entire book for you.  Well, you go on with your bad self, but don't get made at mean when there are no surprises left.  I bet you were one of those kids who peeked at all their Christmas presents too, weren't you?  Well I don't have time to deal with your shenanigans, so let's get on to the great debate.

Most people are wondering who Josie will choose.  But really, do we get to choose who we love?  I think not.  The heart decides and our brains don't always agree.  So which organ do you listen to? 

Josie and Seth have been best friends forever.  He was there for the her in her darkest hours.  He witnessed her rape and near death and it nearly killed him.  And he nearly killed the man responsible.  He blamed himself for not being there to stop it and he swore he wouldn't let her get hurt like that again.  And sometime during their friendship, something clicked and he felt something more.  But he never told her.  So many could say that she belongs with Seth.  But wait, Seth broke his promise and he was the one who hurt her, and broke her heart. 

But before we do that, a little about Blake.

Josie meets Blake and they have an instant connection and they quickly fall in love.  But Blake has a secret.  He doesn't know it at first, but he soon learns that Josie is the girl that his father raped andI nearly killed.  He tried to distance himself from her, but he couldn't stop the way he felt about her.  And he is drawn back to her.  He truly loves her and while he knows that he should tell her the ugly truth, he just can't bring himself to do it.

Without rehashing the entire story, I'll break it down as to who I think Josie should be with.  As for who her heart belongs to, I can't really say.  So this is based only on what we know so far.  On how each has treated her.  And of course, it is completely my own opinion.

I won't leave you hanging anymore.  I think it's Blake.  And now I'll tell you why.

Sure, Blake didn't tell Josie about his father. Someone else did.  But he wasn't doing that to hurt her.  He loved her. He wanted to protect her and while keeping it secret wasn't the best plan, honestly, it is what most people would do.  How many times have you chosen not to tell someone something because you know that they'll be hurt when they find out? 

And yes, he left when he found out about the abortion, but that was how just about any guy would react if they found out that the woman they loved had aborted their baby without even talking to them first. 

Now Seth.  He's supposed to be her best friend.  He asked her about using the photos in the showing when she was drunk.  Ok, sure, that might have been forgivable.  He goes on to say how much he loves her but then he goes and calls her a "callous and heartless bitch."  Who does that?  And then he leaves without looking back.

So maybe it's just me, but I have a really hard time forgiving a guy who calls any woman a "callous and heartless bitch", especially when it's a woman they supposedly love. 

When it comes right down to it, Blake never did anything to intentionally hurt her.  Seth's name calling is unforgiveable to me. 

But the choice may not even be Josie's to make.  First we need to find out if Blake can forgive Josie for aborting his child.  And if he can forgive, will he fight for her?

I guess we'll find out when the next book comes out. 

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