Monday, October 6, 2014

Auction Item #14 - Signed copy of KORY from Regina Bartley. (Includes signature of cover model Lance Jones!!!)

Kory Rosen has always known that he was different. That he wasn't the straight laced, responsible business man, like his brother Klay. He was the REBEL. The tattoo artist with a bad reputation. The man that would search for trouble if it didn't find him first. He'd never experienced a broken heart before. He'd always been the one breaking girl's hearts. Until now... 

Kory has to learn to cope, and stop being the constant play-boy that spends his nights in a drunken stuper, and stop replacing one woman with random one-night stands. It's unhealthy, and it's not working. Real love is what he needs, or a good ass kicking. Either way he has to stop, or he'll lose it all; his business, his friends, and the one girl that just may be able to mend his broken heart.

NOTICE:  This item is extra special because it is not only signed by the author, but it is also signed by that hottie on the cover - Lance Jones!  

Regina is a contemporary romance writer from Kentucky. She lives there with her husband, kids, and cat. She can be found behind her computer, a good book, or watching sports. She loves to hear from her fans. You can find out what's coming next if you follow her on facebook at, read her blog, or follow her on twitter @regina_bartley.

Rules for Bidding  (Please read ALL rules before you bid,)

1.  Opening Bid is $5, with bids increasing by a minimum $1 increment.

2.  Bidding closes at 12:00 Midnight (eastern) on Friday, Oct. 10th.  Any bids posted on Oct. 11 or later will not be counted.

3.  Winning bidder must make donation at by Noon (eastern time) on Friday, Oct. 17th.  (If the donation is not received by the deadline, I will contact the 2nd place bidder.)   Note:  For online donations, you will need to use a credit card.  If you don't with to us your credit card online, you must contact me about submitting a check.  However, if you live outside the U.S., we can only accept online credit card donations.)

4.  Post your bid in the comments of this post!

5.  Follow the author and do not forget to say THANK YOU to them.  This would not be happening without them.

Regina has agreed to ship this one internationally!  

If you have any questions, please let me know ASAP!

Here is Regina with Lance at a recent signing...where he signed this copy!


  1. Barbara Cassidy - You are the winning bidder. Please make your donation via the link in the post and let me know once it has been done. Please email me at with Auction Item #1 in the subject line and include your mailing address which I will provide to Regina Bartley so she can mail your autographed book.