Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Tell Me Why by Sydney Snow

Suicide is a very tough subject and extremely heartbreaking.  And I would imagine that writing a book about suicide can not be an easy task.  Authors live with their characters, so telling a story involving such a difficult subject must be an emotional nightmare.

And I'm sure there is always the question of whether people will want to read it. 

Tell Me Why begins with Jessi's suicide.  It is a heartbreaking scene, but I urge you to keep reading.  The story continues by following Anna and Caleb, Jessi's best friend and stepbrother, as they cope with losing someone they love and not knowing why.  As they turn to each other to get through this difficult time and confront the feelings they have for each other, Caleb learns why Jessi took her own life and he struggles with keeping the secret from Anna not only because it was Jessi's dying wish but because he is afraid of what it will do to Anna and to their relationship.  It could destroy them both and what they are starting to build.

Tell Me Why tackles a difficult subject, but it also shows is that life is worth living and that you should never give up on life or love because you just don't know what might be right in front of you or around the next corner.  Life is worth living and I can promise you, even when you think things are at their worst, there is something wonderful waiting for you down the road.  Don't ever give up!

Tell Me Why coming November 17, 2013

Sydney Snow is the pen name of Lacey Weatherford.  But it doesn't matter which name she writes under, Lacey's stories will touch you in ways you can not even begin to imagine. 

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