Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Out of Turn by Tiffany A. Snow

I can not even convey to you what the Kathleen Turner series does to me, how it makes me feel.  I only hope that you find a book or a series that effects you this way.  Or maybe you don't want to read a book that totally consumes you.  One that haunts your every thought.  Maybe you don't want characters that live in your head, taking up permanent residence so that they are all you think about. It's too late for me because that is exactly what this series has done to me.  That and so much more.

I instantly fell in love with these characters in No Turning Back and my adoration has never wavered.  As soon as I finished book #1, No Turning Back, I immediately downloaded #2, Turn to Me.  As soon as I finished Turn to Me, I immediately read them again.  I have never done that before with any book. Book 3, Turning Point, wasn't due out for a few more months so I had to wait and I really considered just reading them for a third time.  But I thought I should probably read something else.  And so I did.  I read many good books, but nothing was as good as the Kathleen Turner series.

I am consumed by this story.  I can not get enough of Kat, Blane and Kade.  The rollercoaster ride of emotion that Tiffany A. Snow takes me on can not be explained.  Every high and every low is felt in my stomach, my heart, my soul.  I have felt every heartache right alongside Kathleen.  She lives inside me.

If you've been reading the series, you know about Kat, Blane and Kade.  And we ended Turning Point (Book #3) with Blane accusing Kat of cheating on him with his brother, Kade.  Blane's Uncle, who had been trying to get Kat out of the picture all along, had set it up to look like there was something going on and Blane believed him.  The engagement was off and Kat, Kade and Blane all went their separate ways.

Book 4, Out of Turn begins with Kat trying to get her life back together.  Trying to move on, but in my opinion, not very successfully.  Kat loves Blane and is absolutely devastated that he would believe that she was capable of hurting him that way.  How could he believe his Uncle over her?  And where is Kade and does he know what his brother has accused them of?

When Blane suddenly reappears in her life, she can't handle it because she still loves him with everything she's got and she makes a frantic phone call reaching out to the one person who could change everything...for all of them. 

Blane knows that he was wrong, but how does he apologize? How does he make it right?  Is it too late?  Has he pushed Kathleen right into his brother's arms? 

By the end of Out of Turn, I was crying...seriously bawling.  I was an emotional mess.  I can only begin to imagine what I will be like after reading Point of No Return, knowing that it is the last and final in the series.  Dear Kleenex...send me a case.  I'm going to need them.

You can learn more about Tiffany A. Snow on her website:  www.tiffanyasnow.com

You can find the entire series at Amazon.com
No Turning Back
Turn to Me
Turning Point
Out of Turn
And coming soon (May 2014):  Point of No Return - preorder your copy now.

Tiffany has also written companion books from Blane and Kade's Point of View.

Get Blane's now:  Turn on a Dime - Blane's Turn

We'll keep you posted on when it's Kade's Turn.

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