Friday, January 3, 2014

Heart of Fire series by Lizzy Ford

I'm a big fan of Lizzy Ford.  I think I spent the entire month of July reading Lizzy's books.  It is so very easy to get wrapped up in her stories.

Lilly's newest series is Heart of Fire and it is classic Lizzy Ford...if there is such a thing.  The story immediately grabs you and does not let go.  The characters get under your skin.  But this is Lizzy Ford, so this isn't your typical girl meets boy romance.  Oh no, there has to be something magical and mystical about these characters.  And in Heart of Fire, we're dealing with Dragons and other shapeshifters.

Chace is a sexy Dragon shifter.  But he has some  issues (who doesn't?) and he doesn't want to be a shifter anymore.  And so he makes a deal with the devil...not the real Devil, but close enough.  And then he meets Skylar and things really heat up.

Sky is a slayer...or is she?  Are these dreams she's having or are they memories?  Is her entire life a lie?  And what is the truth behind this intense bond with Chace?

He's her Dragon.  She's his Sky.

If you are a Lizzy Ford fan, you want to read this series.  If you haven't read Lizzy Ford yet, you really should and why not start here.

Easy 5 stars!   Book 3 is due out in mid-January.  I can not wait!!

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