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BLOG TOUR: Catching Kate by D. Kelly

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Title: Catching Kate (Acceptance, #1.5)
Author: D. Kelly
Release Date: July 7, 2014
Genre: Contemporary Romance
After almost four years, Michael Matthews has come face to face with the love of his life. To say it didn’t go quite as he envisioned is an understatement. Never in a million years would he have imagined that his best friend, Daniel, is the new man in Kate’s life.
Once their explosive evening concludes and everyone goes their separate ways, Mike takes the time to calm down and plan his next move. If there’s one thing that calms him it’s Kate, even if it’s just memories of her. Mike has four hours before he sees her again and gets to plead his case. Instead of sleeping, he spends his evening remembering every detail of their relationship from the beginning.

Experience Mike and Kate’s love story from the start, all from Mike’s point of view. Find out why he left Kate in pieces and learn just how far he’ll go to make her fall in love with him all over again.    

She snickers at me, “You’ve always been a domineering prick, haven’t you? I used to think you were protecting Katie Grace, helping her cope and deal. You unilaterally brought her back from Lila’s death and she’s been under your thumb ever since. She’s right where you wanted her, right where you like her, enraptured by you and your love. But now that the tables are turned, she’s not allowed to fix you, to help you heal. Maybe you’re right, Michael, maybe we’ll both be better off without you. Just mark my words, I’m going to make it my mission to find her a man that will treat her as an equal and not make decisions for her. Who knows? Maybe it just might even be Marc.” She looks at me smugly, knowing that he’s my weakness, but I won’t let her know she got to me. She has to believe this is the end. If she believes it, she can convince Katherine of it, too. I nod my head at her, getting ready to lie to her for the very first time in my life. “You’re right, Jessica, I’m a domineering prick. Just ask Riley, she’s all too used to my domineering ways. I had to have someone to fuck on the side who could take it rough. Katie Grace needed to be made love to gently, slowly, and passionately, but Riley let me fuck her like a real man. Now I don’t have to juggle them and the relief from that is liberating. If Marc wants her, he can have her, but from what I’ve heard about him, she’s a little too timid for his tastes. You never know, though, maybe he’ll change for her or figure out how to bring out her inner freak, God knows I never coul…” Before I finish my sentence, she slaps me across the face. I absolutely deserve it, but the look on her face says it all—I have effectively closed the door with her. “You bastard!”  
Breaking Kate (Acceptance, #1)

My Review

If you haven't read Breaking Kate yet, you need to read that one first and I'm going to suggest that you stop reading my review right now so it doesn't spoil anything for you. 

Ok, now if you're still reading, I'll assume that you already read Breaking Kate. I loved Breaking Kate and instantly fell in love with Daniel. How could you not? I felt bad for Mike, but I figured he burned his bridge and was too late to win Kate back. After Catching Kate, I still firmly believe that. Catching Kate is Mike's story and nothing he had to say has changed my mind about who Kate belongs with. If anything, it only cemented my opinion. He had so many opportunities to make it right. She did nothing wrong - NOTHING. Yes, he thought she did, but he didn't even stop to think before throwing accusations at her and running away. And even when he started to think that maybe she wasn't at fault, he made no effort. She moved on, and rightfully so! I don't dislike Mike and I hope he finds love, just not with Kate. She belongs with Daniel.

I loved Breaking Kate and Catching Kate and gave both 5 Stars!!  

About the Author
I'm a wife, a mom and a dog lover. I'm also a taxi, problem fixer, extreme multi-tasker and my kids’ biggest fan in anything that they do. I love to write, so when my career suddenly derailed I turned back to my love of writing. I married my high school sweetheart... how cool is that? Margaritas and sarcasm make me happy. Chocolate makes that happiness grow exponentially. People who make me laugh are my favorite kind of people. I believe Karma is a bitch who slaps back hard and that mean people suck. I'm California born and raised, I love the beach but hate the sand. The Acceptance Series is my first series of books with more to come soon.


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