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Raven Williams is a brand new author.  Her first book released in February and her second is set to release in June.  Reading the synopsis, it won't take you long to realize she's writing paranormal.  So if you're looking to discover your new favorite paranormal writer, Raven might just be the one.  

Elwyndyn, Realm Jumpers, Book 1
I am Elwyndyn of the Moon Elves clan and a Realm Jumper. My mission; travel to the other realms and observe. One day, my mission changed. Several hundred years after the Elves left Earth, humans started experiencing dreams of another time; another life. A life as an Elf. What does all this mean for the Elves? Does this mean good things for us, or will it lead to harm? And what of the humans experiencing the flashes of memory? Do we leave them to their own devices and hope for the best? Or do we help them?

Ayana is a human living on Earth. After her father died, she started having strange dreams. She never told anyone about them for fear they'd think she was crazy. So, she kept a journal of her dreams and spent her free time trying to decipher them. On the day her mother dies, she meets a stranger with unusual eyes, eyes very much like hers, and everything she thought she knew changed. Before she knows it, she is on a quest to delve into her past lives. Will she like where this quest takes her, or is she in over her head?

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Elf-Witch, Realm Jumpers, Book 2, releasing June 21, 2015

A collision of worlds as destinies entwine.

After Earth's last great Ice Age, an ancient prophecy was spoken of a child born who would bring balance to Light and Dark and destroy the Dark Magic wielders.  Discovering this prophecy, a Dark Magic caster makes it his life's mission to ensure the prophecy remains unfulfilled.

At 35, Maia wonders if she'll ever fit into the human life she's living.  She's always felt different, something more.  As of late, she feels the magic beneath her skin aching to get out.  Add to that strange dreams and visions and she feels lost and maybe a little crazy.  When the Goddess speaks to her and tells her to call to her the one in her vision, she does, and everything in her life changes.

The Dragon-shifter Drago, never really getting along with his father, goes against his wishes and offers his assistance  in capturing the Dark Elves.  Along the way, he aides Elwyndyn in his duty to guard and contact the human having flashes of Elven memory.  What he did not expect was to have such intense feelings for her.  In his quest to understand his feelings, he learns news of his and his "father's" past that changes everything he ever knew about himself.

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  1. Sounds intriguing! ~G

  2. I read book #1 in the series and loved it! Looking forward to the next books.

  3. Loved book one. . . am loving beta read for book 2. This is a unique new elven world.

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    1. Thank you. I hope it truly is interesting for others.

  5. Oh sounds great. Just found Raven in a street team. Will be getting this. Thank you for sharing

    1. Thank you! It is nice meeting you as well.

  6. I've never read about Elves, Until now ,Ill be picking this up.