Friday, April 17, 2015

GUEST REVIEW: Ginelle Blanch reviews Our Time by Jessica Wilde

Today we have a guest reviewer stopping by to give us a quick review of Our Time by Jessica Wilde.  Ginelle Blanch is an avid reader and a regular follower of my blog, so I'm thrilled to have her as a Guest Reviewer.

Our Time by Jessica Wilde was published in November, 2013.

Jocelyn White's only priority in life is her daughter, Olivia. As a single mother, with no family and the only friends she had now hours away, life isn't easy. But the last several years taught her what is truly important and she plans on spending the time she has loving her little girl and keeping her safe and happy. She doesn't plan on her new gorgeous, blue eyed neighbor turning out to be the one thing her and Olivia have been missing. 

Andrew Carter has been waiting his whole life for a woman like Jocelyn. After his parents died years before, leaving him to care for his little sister, Madison, he spent years patiently waiting for a family of his own. When Jocelyn and Olivia completely steal his heart, he knows his patience has finally paid off and it's time for his life to finally start. 

What he doesn't know is that Jocelyn is keeping something from him. Something she learned a few years ago. 

Life is short and sometimes, time isn't on your side. 

Ginelle's Review

Beautifully told story of survival, determination, hope, and love.

You'll fall in love with Jocelyn, Olivia, and Andrew. The characters seem so real, believable, and likeable.

The story brings to light real life issues and the struggles that they cause.

Life brings things to us that we sometimes just can't handle alone. Sometimes it's better to let people in instead of hiding our hearts away for fear of being hurt. Letting go of the past and focusing on the future, no matter how long that future might be, is always the best thing for healing.

A heartwarming and well told story, I loved it!

* * * * *
5 Stars

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