Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Big Apple Dreams by Kamery Solomon

What happens when you follow your dreams?  They might actually come true! 

Kamery Solomon's foray into contemporary romance introduces us to Marama (Mara) Adams, a young woman who has always dreamed about seeing her name in lights on Broadway!  She moves to New York City to pursue those dreams and takes us along for the ride. 

Book Blurb:
Marama Adams knows without a doubt that she is meant to be a Broadway performer. Unable to wait any longer, she’s finally moved to the city from the west coast, ready for all her dreams to come true. She’s certain that her talent, work ethic, and positive thinking will land her on a stage in no time. Before she can really sink into the work though, Chris Williams, a handsome city native, steps in and begins to claim her heart. At the same time, her roommate’s brother, Evan Robbins, seems to want more than friendship from her. Will she be able to balance between her dreams and love?
Kamery does a fabulous job of pulling us into the theatre and showing us what we might never see when you're just sitting in the audience.  As we follow Mara through the audition process and then as we see the people in her life supporting her dreams and helping her to reach them, the excitement builds and I found myself wanting nothing more than to buy a ticket to go see Wicked.  So I did! 
And somehow, I think that when I am sitting in the audience watching the performance, I'll be experiencing it like nobody else in the theatre because Kamery drew such an amazing picture of what goes on in the wings.  Will Evan be working the lights?  Who really is the stage manager?  What would Mara (or Kamery) be thinking and feeling right now as she's about the step out on stage?
Big Apple Dreams will make you dream and hopefully, it will convince you to follow your dreams because you just never know where they might take you. 
Get your copy now for just $2.99 for your favorite e-reader:
Oh, and wait till you see who the stage manager is!  I think she steals the show.  ;)
I'm giving it 5 stars.

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