Friday, October 4, 2013

Cover Reveal - Private Show (Part 2 in the The Private Series) by Danielle Torella

Private Show
By: Danielle Torella
Coming late fall / early Winter!
Short excerpt:
I kiss her forehead, “Here, let me pour you a cup.” I step over to my coffee maker and I pour the dark liquid into her mug. Handing it to her she smiles.
“Did you pick this out for me?”
The mug I got for her is pink with a vintage camera on it, with a heart in the lens and it reads “smile.” I thought it suited her. She sets the hot mug down and picks up the vanilla syrup and pours it in, adds a little cream and stirs it slowly. How someone can make getting coffee look so sexy is beyond me, but damn…
I grab my own cup and I like my coffee black, so I get to sit back and watch her work her magic. She continues onto the whip cream and I can’t help but think about using it on her body and licking it all off. She even uses the caramel to drizzle on the top and my mind goes where the whipped cream did. She looks up into my eyes and gives me the biggest smile I have ever seen on her face and my heart skips a beat. They say it’s the little things that make you fall in love with someone…
She takes a sip of the drink and leaves a dollop of cream on her nose. I reach out to her, and put my hand on her cheek, using my thumb I wipe it and lick it off. I sit back on my stool and watch her go on with my layout. She grabs a vanilla almond biscotti and dips it in her coffee. Bringing up a scoop of whipped cream in the end, then she puts it in her mouth slowly and takes a bite.
Fuck me.

Little Bio from Danielle:
Hi! I am Danielle live in Western New York with my husband and two sons. I never knew I had a dream to become a writer until I started becoming obsessed with reading in the last two years. The obsession began with Twilight and then matured to Fifty Shades. While used to reading mainstream best sellers, found a new love for indie authors. My first book idea started from a dream I had one night and became obsessed with the story and started writing. Now having arguments with the people in my head and loving every moment of it, even when they take control of the story. I released Private Message June 2013 and I am in the process of releasing its sequel Private Show late fall/early winter!

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