Thursday, May 5, 2016

Corn country

Ohio, Indiana, Illinois....those are the states we covered on Wednesday.  And now we're resting at my sister's house, somewhere near a cornfield.   There isn't any actual corn at the moment.  The fields are actually pretty much jus dirt right now, but trust me...this is corn country.

So far, the drive has been thankfully pretty quiet.  No major traffic, no real problems.  We have had some rain, most of which occurred in Indianapolis. Do you think they know we're Patriots fans and therefore they decided to rain all over us?  They can't beat us at football, so they made the rain beat down on is instead.  We did see Lucas Oil Stadium, home of the Colts.  Really couldn't miss it.  It is huge!  I think it is the biggest building in Indy.  There isn't much else in Indiana, so I guess they needed something big.

We have been sharing the road with many big rigs.  And there has been a fair amount of construction along the way, but nothing that caused any significant delay.  There hasn't been too much to see along the road, although there is a giant cross in Effingham, IL.  And we saw signs for the world's largest golf tee and largest wind chime, but we didn't actually see them.

So now we're in Illinois, but we're in the southwestern part of the state.  Not anywhere near Chicago.  (I love Chicago!  If you've never been, you should visit at least once.)  We're actually closer to St. Louis, although we haven't crossed the Mississippi River yet.  Not sure if we'll make it into the city for a visit while we're here, but I've been a few times before and we'll be back to visit here again, so there isn't anything that we need to do right now.  I'm just enjoying spending time with family, especially my niece's baby boy.

We'll be staying here in Illinois for a few days and then we'll cross the Mississippi and start heading toward Oklahoma, which is about 8 hours away and our next stop for rest.  Neither of us has ever been to Oklahoma, so we're looking forward to it.  And I hope the weather continues to be good to us.

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  1. Glad your safe love traveling with you through your blog