Sunday, May 1, 2016

Road Trip - 1st Stop

After an extremely stressful and exhausting week of packing, we hit the road yesterday to begin our journey to Arizona.  The packing was awful and I can only hope the unpacking goes a little easier.

We decided to have our stuff shipped using a pod.  They dropped the container off Monday afternoon.  We'd been hoping it would be in the morning, since hubby had to be to work at noon, but no such luck.  Then it rained much of Tuesday, so that seriously hindered our packing ability.  Because he was working much of the week, that left the majority of the packing to me.  I did have one friend who was able to come help on Thursday, which was so very much appreciated.  I'm not sure we would have finished otherwise.  As it was, we ended up tossing out a lot of stuff because we couldn't get it all packed before they picked up the pod on Friday.  There were a few other glitches along the way too, but I won't bore you with those.

The rest of Friday and Saturday morning, we spent packing our cars and cleaning out the apartment.  We finished right around noon, although I didn't clean it as well as I would have hoped.

We dropped off the keys at the management office and then headed south to New Jersey.  Arriving right around dinner time, we spent about 1/2 hour at my in-laws before we climbed into their car and drove down to the boardwalk to grab some dinner.

I definitely look a lot happier in this picture than I'd been 24 hours earlier when I felt like we were never going to get everything packed.  I honestly think I was having some type of anxiety attack or something.  I couldn't stop shaking and I just wanted to cry.  I couldn't sleep at night either because I just kept thinking about packing.  But, when this picture was taken, everything was packed and we were onto the road trip portion.

So now we're in New Jersey and I'm finally able to relax.  Today I even took a nap after breakfast.  Me...who doesn't nap unless I'm sick.  But I needed it, and I'm pretty sure I earned it after all the stress of the past week.  Tomorrow we'll be doing a few errands, things I didn't have a chance to do during the week, and making one more visit to the boardwalk.

Tuesday morning, we'll be hitting the road again.  Next stop, somewhere in Ohio.


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  2. Love this pic! What was for dinner? Have fun & drive safely to Ohio!

  3. I like the blog Raquel at least we will all know that your safe each stop . Drive careful

  4. There is absolutely nothing worse than having to pack a house. I'm hoping I don't have to move again ever in my life. I just can. not. deal.