Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The last leg

We left Albuquerque this morning to begin the last leg of our journey to our new home.  Technically, we won't be in our apartment until tomorrow, so it's one more night in a hotel room.  We're looking forward to getting into our new apartment, but since we don't really know when exactly our stuff is supposed to arrive, it's going to take a bit for it to feel like home.  And since we got rid of our mattress and box spring, we really need to replace those ASAP!

The drive through New Mexico wasn't as bad today as it was yesterday.  The winds were much calmer so it was a smoother drive.  We made one pit stop before we crossed the border and Michael was thrilled that it took us down onto the old Route 66.

As I was driving along today, I just kept thinking how beautiful this country is, and how many different landscapes there are throughout the U.S.  I wish I'd been able to take more pictures of the road, but with a tight schedule and us each driving our own cars, it just couldn't happen.  Ill just have to look the images inside my memory.

I do have a couple from Texas.


Windmills.  These are all over the place in Texas.

Overall, the drive was pretty good.  It was long, but we broke it up into good chunks and that really helped.  And the weather cooperated for us.  We had some rain when we left NJ, and a little more through Indianapolis, but I think that was about it.  And we made it safely out of Oklahoma avoiding the severe weather they experienced this week.  I honestly believe that my Mom was our guardian angel on this trip.  And I also think she was happy and excited for us and this adventure.


Our drive from Albuquerque today took us west to Flagstaff and then south into Phoenix and Glendale.  Flagstaff is beautiful, and for those who seem to think Arizona doesn't get snow, I can show you that it most surely does.  I've always known they did, and just this week, Flagstaff had some snow.  And here is a snowcapped mountain that we saw on our way into Flagstaff.

And while I think Flagstaff is beautiful, I do not like the drive from there to Phoenix.  At first it's beautiful with all the trees, but then you get to the area where the trees are gone and you find yourself hurtling down the side of a mountain, and then climbing again, only to go flying down again.  And then there are the signs warning about possible high winds as you go over a bridge where the dessert lies far below.  I'll be honest, it freaks me out a bit.

I was so happy to reach the valley.

And now here we are - in another hotel, in another time zone, ready to start this brand new adventure!

I hope you've enjoyed this little bit of insight into our drive across the U.S.  I'm hoping to post again tomorrow with some of the final details about where we've been and how far we've travelled.

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