Monday, May 9, 2016

Texas and New Mexico

We couldn't leave Oklahoma fast enough this morning.  There were tornadoes out there and I have no interest in seeing one of those.  Thankfully they came through after we arrived at the hotel, and the storm system was moving east as we were heading west this morning so we were in the clear.

We stopped in Amarillo, Texas to have lunch at The Big Texan, home of the 72oz steak.  If you eat the whole thing and the sides in under an hour, it's free.  We did NOT try.  It's hard to see, but below the steer head are 6 clocks set to 60 minutes, and a table with 6 chairs set up on a stage.  That is where the participants would sit.  Nobody tried it while we were there.

The drive today was probably the toughest.  It was very windy the entire way and there were times I felt like I was fighting my car.  Would have been great if it was a tail wind, but it wasn't.  Times when it was hitting us head on, I'm thinking I didn't get very good gas mileage.  But, at least gas prices in OK and Texas were still below $2 and in New Mexico, they are just over.  I always thought NJ had the best gas prices in the country, but now I think it's Oklahoma.  We paid $1.79 at one stop today.

The drive from Texas to Albuquerque is pretty boring.  And I apparently don't know much about New Mexico because I had no idea it was so hilly. From our hotel we can see som e of the mountains that we drove through.

I actually took this from a place across the street called Green Jeans.  It's an eclectic little place made from shipping containers with some restaurants and shops.  Check it out at Green Jeans.  We had pizza from Amore and it was really good.

Tomorrow we begin the final leg of the trip, and once we cross into Arizona, we will change time zones again.  We started yesterday in Central Time.  Today we are in Mountain and when we get to Arizona, we'll be in Pacific time.  I think I have jet lag.

Oh, and I'd like to offer my condolences to all the bugs who ran head-on into my car today.  It looks like a flying insect graveyard.  Gonna need a powerwash to get that thing clean.

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