Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Loving Liberty by Belinda Boring

If you've read Belinda Boring's Mystic Wolves series, you know that she tells amazing stories about supernatural beings.  But with Loving Liberty, she ventures into contemporary romance.  There are no supernatural creatures here, although, perhaps you could consider Liberty's family to be rather unnatural.  And Andrew is certainly an animal of some type, and not a cute furry one that you want to cuddle up with either.  In fact, when he slobbered all over Liberty the first time he attempted to kiss her, I wanted to be sick. 

But enough about them, let's focus on Liberty and Oliver.  Ahhh....Oliver!  Every woman deserves an Oliver in their lives.  I'm getting sidetracked again. 

Liberty is a young woman who really wants to live up to her name.  She wants to know what freedom is.  But her parents are very rigid and they keep a very tight leash on her, bullying her to do what they want.  She is expected to dress a certain way, act a certain way and to never vear from the path that her parents have chosen for her, including, the man they want her to marry because it will benefit them.  (The aforementioned Andrew.  Ick!  Yuck!  Ptooey!  Suck a duck Andrew.)

But Liberty has dreams of her own, and when she meets Oliver, she thinks those dreams might actually have a chance.  Oliver shows her what the world is like outside the bubble that her family has built for her.  Liberty starts to believe and to live. 

But Liberty also has a sister...Erica, who may have been one or both of Cinderella's evil stepsisters in a previous life.  She is definitely evil.  I wanted to hit her...on more than one occasion.  When Erica finds out about Oliver, she uses what little she has to blackmail Liberty.

Liberty begins to think that there is no way out.  But will Oliver save her?  (I can't help thinking about that line in Titanic, when Rose says "he saved me, in every way that a person can be saved.")  Or is Liberty destined to live the life her parents choose for her with the miserable Andrew?  You'll have to read Loving Liberty to find out. 

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I'm giving Loving Liberty 4.5 stars. 

If you want to learn more about Belinda Boring, visit her blog at http://www.belindaboring.com/

And I can also highly recommend her Mystic Wolves series!

Happy Reading!

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