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Tiffany A. Snow - The Kathleen Turner Series aka My Addiction!

Have you ever read a book that really got your blood pumping and your heart racing? 

Have you ever found yourself constantly thinking about the characters and the story?  So much so that they feel real? 

And how many of us have ever said that a book was so good, we just couldn't put it down? 

In August 2012, I was lucky enough to discover a new author whose books and characters I instantly fell in love with.  They took over my life in a way that I almost can't explain.  I wanted to be a part of the story.  I wanted to call these characters my friends.  I couldn't get them out of my head. 

I'm talking about the Kathleen Turner series by Tiffany A. Snow.

At the time that I discovered Tiffany, only No Turning Back and Turn to Me were available.  I remember we were heading into Boston for a Red Sox game and I was reading No Turning Back on the Green Line.  I was so engrossed in the story that I almost didn't notice how crowded the car was getting.  And if my husband wasn't with me, there is a real possibility that I would not have gotten off.  I was hooked! 

As soon as I finished No Turning Back, I immediately bought Turn to Me.  It was a Sunday night and knowing how I am in the morning, I forced myself to go to bed instead of staying up to read.  But the next morning, I read every chance I got.  In the car in the parking lot at the train station.  Walking across the parking lot to the train.  (Yes, I was one of those people.)  Standing on the platform waiting for the train.  On the train.  I finally had to put it down as I went through security at my office.  But once I got to my desk, since I wasn't on the clock, I started reading again.  And if I didn't have to work, I would have just kept reading.  I loved Turn to Me even more than No Turning Back.  I wanted to be Kathleen Turner. 

I could not wait for my lunch hour so I could read some more.  Oh, but did I mention that when I was in the car, I was so wrapped up in the book that I forgot to grab my lunch before I got out of the car?  I had to call hubby and have him go get it to bring it home so it wouldn't go bad.  So when my lunch hour rolled around, there was that "oh shoot" moment when I realized I needed to get some food.  I did and still managed to find some time to read.  (I actually posted on Tiffany's Facebook page telling her the forgotten lunch story and she said that the next time she comes to Boston, she'll take me to lunch.  I'm holding her to that. ;)  )  I really did not want to go back to my office after lunch.  I just wanted to keep reading.  But I'm a loyal employee and so I went.  (Seriously, I have perfect attendance.  I'm such a nerd.)

These books took over my life.  My friends can tell you that I went into this weird trance, like I was possessed or something.  I could not stop thinking about these characters.  I just wanted to talk about the books.  I wanted everyone to read them and to love them as much as I did.  I was convinced that anyone who didn't read them was really missing out.  Honestly, it was like a physical ache when I finished reading the second one and knew that #3 was not coming out for several months.   I was addicted to Kat, Blane and Kade.  They were my drug of choice.

So what did I do?  Well, I immediately read them again.  I almost read them 3 times in a row, but I realized that I needed an intervention so I forced myself to read something else.  Then I waited until Turning Point was about to be released before I read them for a third time.  But let me tell you, it was a long wait between August and February (when Turning Point was released.)

And now I (we) have to wait until December for the next one. 

And then probably another year until the 5th and final book is released.  (Don't even ask me what I'm going to do after this series ends.  Thankfully, I have found some other authors that I love too, as you've probably noticed if you've been following my blog, so hopefully they will all keep me from going off the deep end.)

But because Tiffany loves her fans, and knows how much we love these characters, she is giving us a bit of an appetizer while we wait.  On August 6, she's releasing,
This will be from Blane's perspective. 

So now I bet you're wondering who these characters are and what the series is about.  I guess I can tell you. 

Kathleen Turner (Kat) is a young woman (early-mid 20's) who is alone and on her own now that both of her parents have died.  She moves to Indianapolis and finds work at a law firm where she (literally) falls for, and on, one of the firm's partners, Blane Kirk.  Blane is gorgeous.  A former Navy Seal, prominant attorney and future politician.  Every woman in the firm loves him, but he's notorious for the women he dates.  A love 'em and leave 'em, but with a nice parting gift.  Kat knows his reputation, but she can't stop herself from falling for him.

And then there is Kade.  Kade is dark and dangerous.  Kade is mysterious.  And Kat finds that she's developing feelings for him too. 

But this isn't just a story about a love triangle.  There is so much suspense and intrigue.  So much action and adventure.  There is just so much more that you'll feel like you're constantly on the edge of your seat wondering what is going to happen next.  And I'm sure Kat is wondering how she went from such a calm, quiet life to one filled with so much drama.

There is so much I could tell you about these books, but I really don't want to give it away.  I really just want you to read them for yourself. 

There is also a great debate.  As you know, the Twilight series began the whole "Team" concept.  (Are you Team Edward or Team Jacob?)  Well, fans of the Kathleen Turner series are rabid Team Blane or Team Kade fans.  Personally, I don't really like the whole "Team" thing.  So I try not to refer to myself as being on one Team or another.  I know who I think Kathleen belongs with, and I've been known to get into some rather heated discussions with my friends who have read the series, but I'm not going to tell you that I'm on a Team.  So while I don't love the concept, I thought it was only fair to at least address it since it is such a hot topic.

There's also much discussion about who people picture as Blane or Kade.  Or who should play them if it ever becomes a movie/series.  My opinion on that, I'm just not a fan of taking my favorite books and making them into movies because they almost never do the books justice.  They end up changing the story for some reason.  And the vision of the characters that I have in my head when I'm reading never line up with the actors they choose to portray them.  Now I did enjoy the Harry Potter series and the Twilight series, but part of that is probably because I saw the first movies before I read any of the books.  So those actors were already in my head as those characters.  And I think those also worked because the actors were virtual unknowns when they were cast. 

I know that most authors are thrilled when their books are made into movies and it's a huge honor, but I'm just not a fan and I'm really hoping that they don't make this series into a movie.  Sorry Tiffany.  I love you and what you write and I don't want some studio exec telling you to change the story to make it fit the screen.  And if it does become a movie, I'm not sure that I'll ever see it. 

So, I hope I've sparked your interest in this series.   I can't really explain why I loved it so much, I just did.  The characters, the story, everything about it.  About the only negative thing I have to say about it is this:  I work in a law firm in the big city, and I have never come across a lawyer as gorgeous as Blane Kirk.  Not even close.  Maybe all the really hot ones work in the midwest. 

If you want to purchase the series for your Kindle (it's not available for Nook), you'll find them here:
No Turning Back #1
Turn to Me #2
Turning Point #3

And available for pre-order:
Out of Turn  #4
Turn on a Dime - Blane's Turn

And yes, there will be Turn on a Dime - Kade's Turn coming this Fall.

Happy reading!!

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  1. Thanks so much for the awesome post, Raquel! I'm thrilled you love the books and characters. I'm rather fond of them myself. ;-)